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NFT Collection alert is a product by Agomic Labs that gives you alerts on your favourite NFT Collection or the NFT Collection that you have subscribed to. You can track the NFT Collection on the basis of the actions taken on it. It includes Transfer, Mint, Burn, Bid, List, Sell, Cancel_List, Cancel_Bid, Auction_Bid, Auction_Created, Auction_Started, Auction_Finished, Auction_Cancel, and Auction_Ended.

Step-by-Step Process of NFT Collection Alert by Agomic Labs
To use NFT Collection Alerts by Agomic Labs, do follow the steps:
Step 1. Login into the Agomic Labs Account.
Step 2. Paste your NFT Collection’s Contract Address under Enter Contract Address Tab. You can find the NFT Collection’s Contract Address in the marketplace.
Step 3. Now select the Blockchain of your NFT Collection from the dropdown list.
Step 4. Select the type of action you want the notification on for your NFT collection.
Step 5. Now click on the Get Button. You will receive the notification of your request added successfully. Now, you will receive a notification through the dashboard or email when the action you selected will be performed on the NFT Collection.

  1. Get notified on the major action like Transfer, Mint, Sell, List, Burn etc on your subscribed NFT Collection.
  2. Agomic Labs NFT Collection Alert allows you to select your collection’s blockchain.